Dallas/Fort Worth Real Estate Investments

We commit to executing real estate transactions with the highest ethical, legal and moral standards. All title transactions are conducted through escrow and our transactions are reviewed and closed by a real estate attorney in a closing office. We will never sell your information to third parties. 
Meet The Acquisitions Team
Based in Dallas, Texas
Tatiana Farrow, MBA - VP of Acquisitions
The VP of Acquisitions is responsible for identifying properties for purchase (including but not limited to finished lots and unimproved land) through communication with landowners, homeowners, realtors, developers, home builders and government agencies. The VP of Acquisitions is responsible for analyzing deals and submitting budges and proformas to lenderswith the intention of securing acquisition, renovation & construction loans. 

Sonya Kessler - Deal Coordinator 
Our deal coordinator has previous experience in sales and customer service. This position requires high attention to detail and strong organizational skills. The deal coordinator works cross-functionally with finance and legal to execute our real estate contracts. Periodically, the deal coordinator will conduct research to analyze land values and comparable properties. 
Our Investing Strategy
INCOME - acquire and hold income producing properties for cash flow.
DEPRECIATION - capture depreciation and other non-cash expenses on the income statement for accurate net profit. 
EQUITY - Build a real estate portfolio with minimum 30% equity in long-term holdings. 
APPRECIATION - acquire and renovate distressed properties to force appreciation and increase profit. 
LEVERAGE - leverage our long-term holdings for syndication of commercial residential properties. 
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